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Freelance consultant for digital projects, design & processes in companies and agencies. With 18 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the marketing, branding and digital industry.

For companies:
As a professional advisor for project planning, user experience, corporate design and project management, I help you to identify, professionally formulate and implement the right requirements for digital and analog projects. We find suitable service providers and technologies and give your team confidence in dealing with both.

For agencies:
As an experienced managing director of a digital design & web agency, I offer you a valuable and new perspective on changing business models, processes in creation, development and marketing. Your processes become better, your team safer and more efficient.

Let's team up as the "Creative People". We don't need buzzwords or Powerpoint overkill. Let's get started.

I look forward to getting to know you - an open exchange is always good! All a first conversation costs is a little time and a coffee. You can reach me here:

PR Creative People
Freelance consultant for marketing & creative processes,
Digitization & Design.

Philipp Randt
Phone: +49-521-44815406

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